How Can Counselling Help?

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Counselling' means different things to different people - to some it's about advice, and to others, it's tea and sympathy.

As a Counsellor, my interpretation of the meaning of counselling is twofold - it is about helping people who want to change some aspects of their thoughts, feelings or behaviour - to enhance their life or it is simply to help people to explore or clarify their thoughts or feelings.

If you choose to come to counselling with any anxieties that you may have, it will involve you:


  • Talking to me
  • I am properly trained and have regular professional supervision.
  • You would have an appointment to see me for a 60 minutes session at a regular time every week.
  • You will have a weekly session for 6 to 12 weeks or for as long as you and I agree.
  • I will listen attentively to you without butting-in or imposing my own values and beliefs on you.
  • I will give you respect and the space to explore your thoughts, feelings, or behaviour, whatever they are.
  • I will empathize with you, as I believe you will find it helpful just to have your concerns taken seriously.

I believe the way we think has a great deal to do with how we feel and how we experience things


In my integrative approach to counselling, I combine my Humanistic and Psychodynamic skills to provide a confidential and professional service to help my clients move on with their life.  The counselling process may involve you exploring both your current concerns and past experiences, depending upon the approach I use to work with you.

This will, in turn, allow you to implement changes in the way you do things, give you the clarity to see a way forward and help you become more self-sufficient - therefore enabling you to take steps forward to reach a much happier and more fulfilling life.

I provide a caring service that offers you the opportunity to start your journey of discovery, growth and achievement.



Start Your Journey

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